10500 Franz Valley Road

“The house was designed to feel as if it were handed down through the generations.”

What is it like to acquire a home so beautiful, refined, and historic that a trip to Tuscany no longer assaults your fantasies with just how beautiful your life could be? Imagine being the owner of a home that defines an even more exquisite standard than your many past travels to world-class resorts that you thought, “this is how I want to live.” At Villa Montana, the magnificent California wine country estate owned by football legend Joe Montana and his wife Jennifer, staying at home brings just as much joy as traveling abroad.

Beauty, grace, and absolute integrity are so rare, that even at the highest levels of art, architecture, and interior design, one can seldom find an entire expression, every detail coalescing into a living, breathing home where all is complete, full, and mature. Villa Montana is such a rare place. To enter this home is to step back in time: through the thousand-year-old guard tower surrounded by a moat and drawbridge, through the gallery to the great hall and loggia oriented to poetic views of Mount Saint Helena and Knights Valley. Every element of this home is one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted, whether from artisans hundreds of years ago or modern-day masters who have given the age-old skills new life. Massive hand-hewn beams, ancient stone and terra cotta floors imported from Italy and France, carved Baroque wood portals, artifact Italian fireplaces, and authentic plaster frescoes by master French artisans truly transport visitors to another time and place.

“The house was designed to feel as if it were handed down through the generations,” said Jennifer, whose artistic vision can be found in nearly every detail throughout the main residence.

“We have a lot of great memories here with our friends and family. It’s a home made for entertaining.”

At Villa Montana, the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces have been so masterfully integrated that it is irrelevant whether you are indoors or out. Imagine waking in the morning to the fog blanketing the world class wine-producing Knights Valley below or Mount Saint Helena rising majestically to the east in an ever-changing tapestry. To the west, the coast range is bathed in golden light morning and afternoon. And to the north, there is a hundred mile view with no sign of man’s handiworks.

Villa Montana is a beautiful and natural place where masterful gardens, historical architecture, art, and antiquities coalesce to create an alive, refined, and relaxed environment in celebration of the glorious California food and wine culture. Joe describes the property with equal affection as Jennifer…



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